Q: Do you special order in livestock for local customers?

A: Yes! Anything I don't have in stock at the moment can be ordered in for local customers at any time to be picked up at your convienience, depending on availablility.


Q: Do you do pickup for locals?

A: Yes, I highly encourage on-site pickup for local aquarists!


Q: Does your stock have any guarantee? 

A: Yes! All of our stock not designated "ADVANCED" or "EXPERT" is guaranteed to arrive alive!*


Q: Do you do special orders for non-local customers?

A: Yes, If I don't have it I will be happy to order it for you no matter where you live (US Only), however special orders are not covered under the arrive alive guarantee, and must be paid in full prior to making the order.

*Photos of the item in question must be sent to sales@mountainwestmarine.com within 2 hours of arrival, in the shipping bag. If the item was removed from the shipping container we reserve the right to obtain a water sample from you to be tested by a third party for acceptable water parameters. Store credit will be issued for all DOA's


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